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About Hair Extensions & Wigs
There’s a vast selection of hair extensions wigs products for storing your wigs at home or for displaying them in a store. There are wig display mannequins available as either wig heads, upper-body mannequins or full-body mannequins. You can find mannequin heads made of different materials, including PVC mannequin heads, Styrofoam wig heads, fiberglass mannequin heads, velvet mannequin heads, rattan mannequin heads, glass wig heads, and plastic wig heads. And there are not just female hair extensions wigs heads on offer, you can also find male Styrofoam heads to display male wigs. You may also be searching for options for different age ranges. There are both child and adult mannequins available. You can also find hair extensions wigs products of different ethnicities, the catalog has a wide range of options to suit your particular market or clientele, including realistic African female mannequin heads. In terms of features, there are varying ones such as mannequin heads with ears as well as long or short neck mannequins. There are different types of products available beyond mannequin heads, there are also wall mounted wig holders, wig racks, and multi-tiered wig stands. The category also includes hat mannequin heads for displaying different types of hats or mannequins with shoulders, perfect for displaying scarves. Source wholesale hair extensions wigs products on, and choose from a wide selection of suppliers offering the right products to suit your needs and budget.