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About Automotive Parts & Accessories
The role of automotive parts accessories is to transform the compressed gases (compressed by the car evaporator) into liquid; This process is called “expansion” and it generates cold. Through this chemical reaction, the air conditioning condenser can cool your vehicle's interior, thus providing you with a better driving experience during hot periods. You can now purchase wholesale automotive parts accessories made with aluminum, this latter has excellent cooling properties. It's important to replace your condenser unit with a new one, especially when your air condition system is no longer producing sufficient cold. We provide you with a wide choice of new and inexpensive automotive parts accessories for most car brands. Air condition along with the heating and ventilation are important equipment for your comfort, and contribute to enhancing the visibility when you drive, especially during winter. automotive parts accessories will provide you with fresh, recycled, and dehydrated air inside your vehicle. You can control the air conditioning flow, either manually or automatically via the cabin fan. There are different types automotive parts accessories . Nutating disc compressors are composed of three cylinders and provide a high pressure limited to 33 bars. Vane compressors have the same characteristics as nutating compressors but offer a small compacted design. The condenser cools the high-pressure refrigerant gas and transforms it into a liquid state.